We make 100% of founders
financially better off

Our goal is to end founder suffering. We reject the notion that founders need to be poor before they can be rich.


Sell your future liquidity for exposure to Grove Network companies, with no downside


Leverage the Grove Network to find new customers, recruit talent, and raise capital


When other founders in Grove have liquidity events, you get a distribution

The How

Grove makes 100% of founders better off 

Grove invests in founders

Grove buys 2 – 3% of a founder’s future exit liquidity. We buy it based on what it would be worth should the founder become fully liquid today based on their latest valuation.

Founders gain exposure to the Grove Network

Grove doesn’t invest with cash. Rather, when the founder gives up a few cents-on-the-dollar of their exit, what they get in return is a percentage ownership of the Grove Network: dozens & eventually hundreds of other venture-backed startups.

Selection & Sieving ensure quality

We have strict entrance criteria, but the real magic is from our Sieving mechanism. Like a treasure hunter in the gold rush sieving for gold, Grove removes failed and zombie companies, leaving the best, high-quality founders to share their liquidity with others.

The Why

Grove ends founder suffering



Grove increases the expected value of a founder’s cap table wealth 100% of the time. 

It’s math. Because founders are over-concentrated in one risky asset, diversifying even a small percentage of your exit means greater diversification. This means founders in Grove move away from founder expected returns (where the 80th percentile founder goes to zero) and toward the expected returns of top VCs.



As long as you’re building & growing, you’ll be allowed to stay in the network

This means you’ll collect quarterly cashflow, as other founders in the network have liquidity events. Even if you end up failing & leaving the network, some cash flow is better than no cash flow.


Earlier liquidity & greater diversification = more founders & more innovation

The world needs more founders to solve modern problems. Grove accelerates the pace of cash flow to founders, providing quarterly income & letting founders afford to remain founders until they succeed – and not sell out to a corporate job.

The bottom line

Grove is engineered to have the economics of a Venture Capital fund with a 70% hit rate. Members who fail will eventually be exited from the network, but receive cash flow & benefit from the financially aligned community while they were building. For members in the network, we expect them to earn roughly $70,000 per year. See our whitepaper for a look under the hood & into our model.

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